Lismore Lantern Parade – 25th Anniversary, 22 June


A weekend of fun and creativity with a Gala Concert, featuring Moorambilla Voices on Friday night, and on Saturday lots of festival fun starting at 10am in the Quad and CBD block. Markets, food, music, games, KidsArtFest, Lantern Banquet and more.

The Lantern Parade itself will kick off at the corner of Market Street & Molesworth Street, at 5.30 pm on Saturday 22 June, weaving it’s magic and sparkling the crowds lining the streets with wonder all the way to The Quad.

Watch a spectacular community parade with dancers, bands and amazing illuminated sculptures twisting and shining their way through the streets of Lismore CBD, leaving a trail of smiles!

Watch the parade along the route from Market Street/the Memorial Baths, along Molesworth and Magellan Streets, then all the way to the top of Keen Street, ducking through the back lanes to Fredricks Car Park and on into Magellan Street, finishing back in the car park at The Quad for the Fiery Finale, fire works and a night of fine food and dancing!

The Vikings will be back, Saturday and Sunday; and the Italians on Sunday!!

Please remember to bring your DONATIONS to keep us going another 25years!!

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