Keep an eye out for nesting sea turtles

Christmas is around the corner and so is the sea turtle nesting season and beachgoers in the Byron Shire are being asked to keep an eye out and report any tracks they see.

Sea turtle nesting season on the NSW coastline runs from November to March.

“Recent tracks were found on Seven Mile Beach on the border of the Ballina and Byron Shires and while this female didn’t lay any eggs, the experts think she may have been looking for a nesting site,” Chloe Dowsett, Council’s Coast and Biodiversity Coordinator, said.

“It’s possible she will move towards a beach in the Byron Shire and if NSW Turtle Watch and Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue are aware of a nest, they can put measures in place to protect it,” Ms Dowsett said.

Council is supporting NSW Turtle Watch which has the big job of promoting the long-term conservation and recovery of marine turtles in NSW.

“Five species of sea turtles are found in the waters off the Byron Shire and some of these are endangered so it’s important we protect and support these wonderful animals,” Ms Dowsett said.

“If people see turtle tracks on the beach, they should take a photo and contact NSW Turtle Watch and report it,” she said.

Zoe White, Council’s Waste Education and Compliance Officer said picking up rubbish while walking on the beach is another way people can help turtles and other marine species.

“We are asking people to make an early New Year resolution and collect rubbish every time they go for a walk,” Ms White said.

“Whether the litter is on the beach, in the bush, or on the footpath, there’s a good chance that it will end up in the ocean so save a marine creature and pick it up before it gets there,” she said.

Information about NSW Turtle Watch are on its website.