Imaginal Collective x Otherworld After Dark: Easter Saturday

All that has come before us has been imagined, and all that will come lies dormant within this realm.

Regular ceremonies of ritualised, ecstatic, communion opened the gateway into these otheworldly dimensions.

These portals play an essential role in shaping culture, forging communal bonds, and replenishing individual & societal knowledge by giving people key access to a state of being that then translates into how we navigate our world.

As we collectively free ourselves from the armoured, dissociated, and survivalist consciousness humanity has been stuck in for centuries let’s reimagine the scripts of how we come together in our public spheres.

Consider this your call to adventure.

On Easter Saturday, March the 30th we will depart from business as usual. Tune in to the Cosmic Radio, synchronise with the pulse of the universe…

…& Find The Others

Imaginal Collective x Otherworld After Dark
Saturday 30 March 8pm-1am
Tickets available online