“GROUNDED” – landscape paintings : Art Piece Gallery


The artists in “Grounded” explore their relationships with some of the essential elements of the Australian landscape, sometimes figuratively and sometimes driven by the need to express personal feelings.


The eminent artist Charles Blackman describes the work of participating Sydney artist Gabrielle Jones, as “full of shining light, radiant… She lets the inner things – her soul – come into her paintings and evokes feelings in the viewer”.

Charly Wrencher is driven to respond to the sheer beauty of the landscape outside his studio door. And for Amanda Van Gils, a Brisbane based artist, the common experience of viewing the landscape through a moving vehicle gives rise to paintings shimmering with movement and a feeling of transience.

These days we are all aware that however rooted we are to the land, we are in grave danger of losing it. Concern for the eroding coastline motivates local artist Jan Rae.

Other landscapes in the exhibition are from Rodney Black, Tanya Hoddinott, David Kas, Aesha Kennedy, Michael Muir, Darren Porter and John Turton. View all the artworks here.

Art Piece Gallery
70 Burringbar St. Mullumbimby