Greg Hodgson’s Everything in Its Right Place explores space and composition, in an abstract-minimalist, sonically induced psychedelic mode.

Working out of his studio in Ballina on the North Coast of NSW, Greg Hodgson is an Auckland born artist, designer and illustrator who crafts artworks, commercial textile graphics and experimental music videos.

“My painting and studio process is heavily affected by the music I surround myself with. The right album can take a work to places I never consciously would have conceived before beginning. I love that an album can adjust my mindset and then those thoughts are transferred into the physical process of creating a painting.

Most of the bands and producers I am drawn to have a really strong understanding of tone and space, and obviously there is a clear correlation to my painting. Radiohead, David & Hamish Kilgour, The Clean, Abul Mogard, Daniel Avery, Darren Cross & The Field amongst many, have all had a deep influence on my visual work.

Alongside painting I also use vintage analogue audio-visual equipment to produce experimental films and music videos for musicians, as well as performing with the gear live at gigs and music festivals such as Falls 2018.

Over the past couple of years I have produced music videos for Richard Fearless (Death in Vegas), Daniel Avery, Darren Cross, Yeo, Rope and most recently Wharves, all of whom relate to the hand-made nature of the videos I make. They know and love that it’s not just a filter on a computer or an iPhone making their video”.

Please join us at the opening 6pm – 8pm Friday November 1.
Featuring DJ Mario Fraietta of Byron Bay Bay institution Howl & Moan Records.

Lone Goat Gallery
Everything In Its Right Place, 1-26 November
Opening, Friday 1 November 6-8pm