GPY&R_proves_ByronBayWriters’Festival’s _passion_for_words_in-the_digital-age


GPY&R Sydney has created what is believed to be a digital first: links written in prose.’llcatch_them-ina-VictorianOrphanage-filled_with-dirtyclothes+crackedsmiles/Onwild-horses+wilderwomen/WordsLOVEthe-smell-of-napalm+thetasteof-sweat-that_trickles_down-yourback_whenyou’re_kneedeep_inENEMY-territory/They’re-passionateabout-grime-slime+theSTENCHofa-thousandDEADrats/Words-haunt_the_nastiest_places/Just-like-this.html

The concept, developed for the Byron Bay Writers Festival, reflects the festival’s commitment to the new digital age of literature – proving that a passion for words can live anywhere – even in an html link – which normally would just be gibberish code.

The links will be disseminated via email databases, facebook and twitter and will drive sign up and participation at the upcoming festival.

Patts ECD Julian Watt said “It’s a quick and simple idea we had and nice to do our bit to fuel Australia’s passion for writing and creating.”

Earlier this year Amazon reported that Kindle e-books were outselling hard and soft cover books on Amazon at a ratio of nearly 2:1. But while traditional books sales were on the decline, writing and ideas are stronger than ever.

“Finding new ways to be passionate about words is what this festival is all about. And being able to turn a cold, unreadable link into a place for words to come to life is amazing. It proves a passion for words cannot be confined,” says Candida Baker, director of the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival.

The festival, which runs from August 5-7, is the third largest in Australia and this year has attracted international names such as Louis De Bernieres, John Pilger, Fiona McIntosh, MJ Hyland and James Redfield.

EXECUTIVE CD: Julian Watt; Creative Director: David Joubert; Writer : Kate Burt; Art director: Dean Mortensen