You should all know by now that our Surf Art Market brought to you by SurfStitch is a true celebration of all things Surf Culture. From fashion to food, industry experts to one of a kind artisans who can’t wait to show you their unique creative ideas.

But the common denominator among all of us here, is our love for the sea. So today’s EDM is all about the surfboards, the shapers, the surf accessories and the surf saviours who we haven’t had a chance to mention yet in our regular newsletters. Let’s meet them shall we?


There are 17 surfboard shapers at the Surf Art Markets, including…

Dead Kooks

Dead Kooks Surfboards has evolved over the past 9-10 years from a backyard hobby making boards to a full-time job working with world champions and a string of worlds top surfers. Drawing inspiration from shapes of old, the boards that Eden Saul makes are anything but retro. Everything is designed, shaped and further refined with performance in mind, tackling everything from 12ft gliders, paddle guns for Jaws to refined modern logs, fish, singles and shorties.

Joel Fitzgerald

Joel has a deep appreciation for the organic slowed down life and takes care in all he does. He is a soul surfer fused with big wave charger, known amongst his respected peers and fellow shapers as an innovator and talented surfboard craftsman. Each board is hand crafted by Joel for your enjoyment.


McTavish Surfboards is a high quality surfboard manufacturer based in Byron Bay, Australia. The brand was founded by Bob McTavish in 1962, with boards bearing the McTavish name in production ever since. Bob’s loveable larrikin personality and his contributions to surf design and culture form the basis of what McTavish is all about – design excellence, excitement, fun and adventure.

Morning of the Earth

Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards handcrafts and shapes the finest seventies inspired retro surfboards in his backyard right here in the hills of Byron. Combining retro plan shapes, fin templates, & rocker with contemporary bottom shapes & rail configurations Simon produces beautiful classic shapes that you will love to surf.

Hannah Magnall

Hannah is a local gurf who humbly is tinkering away on some beautiful hand-shaped surfboards. Her crafts, mostly logs and mid-lengths, are filled with creativity, playfulness and an explorative style.

Bryan Bates

For 10 years Bryan made boards professionally in Oregon until it became time for a move to the warm water, surreal point breaks and the endless opportunity and freedom of Australia. These days he freelances out of his own factory in the Byron Arts and Industrial Estate. Bryan specialises in shaping and glassing in epoxy, vacuum bagging and fin making, but he also does high quality work in traditional polyurethane/polyester.

Corey Munn


The whole process; from blank selection, shaping, laminating, finishing right the way through to foiling the fins…it’s all him. These hand crafted traditional boards are truly superb.




Finatics is a line of custom-designed fins available as sup or longboards, either framed or as a set of 3. Fins are emblazoned with her 70’s-inspired designs such as mandalas, peace signs, flowers, and her own beautifully trippy patterns. She also frames the fins, for a unique touch of art for your home.

Pratt Racing Skis

Superior surf skis from Lance OConnor who has over 40 years of experience in the boat building industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.


Classic Surf Co Surf Memorabilia with local surf legend Dick Hoole


Featured in the Marine Conservation Hub presented by the Australian Marine Debris:
Take 3

If you’re concerned about the state of the world’s oceans, there has never been a more important time to act to reduce plastic pollution. We believe lots of small individual actions, like taking 3 pieces of rubbish with you every time you leave the beach, can have a big impact on the planet. The more people who join our tribe and take action, the more we can do for the world’s oceans!

Positive Change for Marine Life

Founded in Byron Bay, Australia in 2012 on the principles of creating long-term profitable change in regards to marine conservation issues worldwide. Through their core values of understanding, education and respect – their mission is to collaborate with communities to ensure practices and systems are geared toward conserving vital marine ecosystems, whilst ensuring viable livelihoods for the people who depend upon them. They aim to effectively minimise and reverse the impact that we are collectively having on the ocean.

Australian Seabird Rescue

A grass-roots community group with a passion for coastal wildlife rescue and conservation. With branches along the coastline of New South Wales and sister-groups around the country, ASRs strategic objective is to reduce the human impact on wildlife through rescue, research and education. Their work has also effected change in legislation, with the introduction of a ban on the mass release of helium balloons in NSW and the establishment of an oiled wildlife network in NSW.

Clean Coast Collective

Clean Coast Collective would like to know when we started diminishing our worth for the sake of convenience. Their products ditch the cheap, disposable aspects of our daily routines and redefine them – a touch of gold in your smoothie or gin, some bamboo for your bathroom. It’s time to put some luxury back into our everyday lives while also donating all their product sales to funding plastic clean-up projects and awareness campaigns.

More marine conservation organisations:

Free the Reef

Free the Reef is a part of SMARTIVISM, the next level of collective change combining conscious business (SMART), inspired artists (ARTISAN) and purposeful organisations (ACTIVISM) to cut through, raise funds and facilitate change.

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems, Sea Shepherd Australia works to ensure their survival for future generations.

Shark Watch NSW Inc.

Shark Watch NSW is a volunteer organisation aimed at providing a real-time warning system to alert ocean users to the presence of sharks. It is based on a successful South African program, which has been operating in Cape Town since 2004. The program uses trained spotters and drones to scan the ocean looking for shark activity. When a shark is sighted within close proximity to bathers/surfers, a warning system will alert those in the water to leave and remain in place until the coast is considered ‘clear’.

Dolphin Research Australia

They are a marine conservation, education and research not-for-profit organisation. Their work is dedicated to improving the understanding of dolphin ecology, status and health and promoting awareness, change and action to help protect and conserve them and their habitats.

Project Aware & Clif Bar

Project AWARE has achieved major successes in protecting marine wildlife and fragile marine habitats through science, education, influence and community action. Today, Project AWARE empowers thousands of divers in more than 180 countries by providing them with the tools, resources and inspiration to take actions – large and small – that contribute to advancing the health of the ocean.

These guys are working together at the Surf Art Market with… CLIF BAR!

They are committed to creating delicious, healthy food made in a way that respects and protects the places where people live, work and play. In addition to using only the highest quality ingredients available, they do not use artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or ingredients sourced from genetically-modified organisms. Even better, on a journey towards sustainability, Clif Bar work diligently to reduce our environmental footprint in all areas of the business from the field to the final product. Yum.


Five Oceans will be showcasing a special plastic sculpture in the Patagonia Yurt.



These mens shaving and beard products use no palm oil, no synthetic fragrances, no parabens, sulphates or dodgy preservatives. All their products are safe for our waterways and septic systems… so get shaving!

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