Flamenco Fire & Passion at Mullum Drill Hall


BANDALUZIA FLAMENCO, Mullum Drill Hall, Saturday 9th June

Bandaluzia is a Sydney based Flamenco ensemble led by Damian Wright, consisting of a group of acclaimed musicians and dancers at the forefront of Flamenco in Australia. Combining contemporary and traditional Flamenco into a truly mesmerising display of explosive dance, virtuosic guitars, soulful singing, dynamic improvisation, masterful percussion, soaring violin and inspiring bass, embodying the passion, mystery and power of this remarkable art form.

Bandaluzia are revered for their ability to mix elements of other genres into their performances, whether being the rich harmonies of Jazz, the exotic melodies of the Orient or the infectious rhythms of South America. An experience that completely saturates the senses with the grace of Flamenco.

Bandaluzia Flamenco is made up of Damian Wright on Guitar; Jessica Statham – Dancer; Shenzo Gregorio on Violin: Steve Hunter on Bass: James Hauptmann – Cajon / Percussion and a special guest Flamenco singer direct from Spain, Tony Montana Rodriguez.

Damian began Flamenco studies with Robbie Varga in Sydney and then moved to Spain where he spent 4 years studying with some of Spain’s most recognized maestros of the Flamenco guitar. Jessica has been living in Madrid for the last 5 years studying intensively at the renowned Amor de Dios academy.
Bandaluzia’s guest singer, Tony Montana Rodriguez embodies the tradition and culture of his homelands music and performs with the captivating power of emotion so characteristic of Flamenco singing.

Bandaluzia are known for their sell out performances in theatres across Australia and in 2011 were a headlining act at The International Gypsy Music Festival, Sydney and The Bellingen Global Carnival, NSW. Since 2011 the ensemble has also been selected for Musica Vivas’s Countrywide Touring program.

“Damian Wright is a brilliant Flamenco guitarist…Wright showed what a captivating solo player he is on his own in time, and elsewhere his articulation of complex lines was fluid and dripping with conviction”
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald 19/02/2011