Exhibition of Transformative Works


A most unique art exhibition will take place at the Lone Goat Gallery, Byron Bay, from June 5 – June 26.

The Blythe Cipher is a series of seven paintings on balsa wood using specific hand made herbal, plant and mineral preparations. The work, which is alchemical in nature, was two and a half years in the making.

“The collection is transformative, because each of the seven panels work as a frequency to different parts of the human body” outlined artist Marci Lutken. “Within each of the seven panels there is a cosmic symbol, or imprint. This work goes past the personality, its purpose it not to suit the physical eye but to assist in bringing about transformation to the person viewing it. It works at a cellular level. The effect is one of both transformation and activation”.

No paint was used in the artworks. Instead Marci wildcrafted plants and sap from different areas of the Byron shire. “These works came through me rather than from me” said Marci. “The impulse comes through for me as pictures. I get a picture of a plant and a specific method of preparation involving extraction and binding the plant properties with other plant and mineral materials. Then I get a picture of how to apply this to the balsa wood, which mainly involves rhythm and the application of heat. Lastly I get a picture of what this does for the human being that is watching it. That will be in the form of a flow of energetic movement”.

The end result is art that has a medicinal quality to it. Marci draws on her anthroposophical studies, esoteric training, inner work and love of working with nature in the creation of this art.

Each painting is seven feet high by two feet wide. Together when viewed, the whole is a ‘carrier’ or ‘transporter’ of the Divine.

Marci was born and raised on an organic farm on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Canada. A keen forager, from her early teens she studied the medicinal value of wild plants and herbs which grew native around her.

She has exhibited as a solo artist in Europe and Australia with work displayed at the Australian Embassy in Paris. Her work has as also been published in Australian architecture and design magazines; Sanctuary and Home Design. Marci now resides in the Byron shire with sons Joaquin and Finojet.

Her exhibition The Blythe Cipher runs from June 5 – 26 at The Loan Goat Gallery which is located in the Byron Bay Library on Lawson Street. The whole community is welcome to attend the free Official Opening at 6:00pm on June 5th.