NORPA Associate Artist Emma Saunders is in residence in the NORPA Studio developing a new solo dance work ‘Dancing With Myself’. As part of her research she is inviting guests into the space, including NORPA Associate Director Kirk Page, Josephine Saunders (her mum), and Kimberley McIntryre.

DANCING WITH MYSELF – one woman’s journey through space and time, where she has no space, and is completely out of time with what’s around her. This includes an extended abstract solo sequence where she is attempting to choreograph her instinct, and to explore further how movement can reveal its own narrative.

She is warm and welcoming, she dances, she shows off a little, she is out of time with others, she is left behind, she is lost, she is alone. She is manipulated, she is shown tenderness, she is free, she is pushed around, she pushes back, she fights, she is in time, she is in time with others, she is lifted and she has found herself again.

If you’d like to see Emma’s work in development you can go to a free work-in-progress showing on Friday 16 February, 3pm at NORPA Studio, Lismore City Hall.

If you wish to join Emma in her dance practice she is running free warm up classes for the public in the NORPA Studio WED 14 Feb, 10-11am; THU 15 Feb, 10-11am; FRI 16 Feb, 10-11am.

Emma Saunders
Dancing with Myself
A work-in-progress showing
Friday 16 February, 3pm
NORPA Studio at Lismore City Hall Free

Warm-up classes with Emma Saunders
WED 14 Feb, 10-11am
THU 15 Feb, 10-11am
FRI 16 Feb, 10-11am
NORPA Studio at Lismore City Hall Free

For more information email Valley Lipcer at creativeprograms@norpa.org.au