Dr Sketchys 2nd Birthday : June 21


Buddah Bar, Byron Bay Brewery : 6.30 to 9.30pm. Entry is $15

Bring your own art materials if drawing. Everyone over 18 is welcome , even if you can’t draw a straight line to save yourself! Get there early for a good seat!


Dr Sketchys burlesque life-drawing returns on June 21 at the Buddah bar, Byron Bay Brewery, for its second birthday . As a special treat we have the notorious MISS BERTIE PAGE ( who some Art-monkeys may remember as a naked singing mermaid in a bath of green cordial) appearing with her wildly outrageous glam band ‘BERTIE PAGE CLINIC’. The band comprises Miss Bertie, John Meyer, James Lees, Kylie Lovejoy and Clint Morrow. Bertie and the Band will be posing and performing for our lucky artists and audience, ably supported by the beautiful MISS MAE WILDE as our wonderful MC. It’ll be a crazy night of food, nudes, dudes, drawing, wine , women and song!