Dr Sketchy : Aug 21


This month at DrSketchys Anti-Art School, in the spirit of achievement that is typified by the London Olympics and the landing of the Martian Rover on a distant world, we pay homage to one of humanities greatest discoveries. Thats right, we’re talking about the invention of Alcohol! Of course this has been a bit of a two-edged sword , but at DrSketchys we will be celebrating booze and its contribution to art, burlesque , debauchery and intemperance by inviting two spectacular models to the bar top for a night of drawing, music, wild performances and …gasp …nudity !

Returning to our catwalk to seduce the audience with her graceful moves and killer curves is the delightful Miss Coppelia Jane! Coppelias combination of classical dance training and playfully surreal costuming is guaranteed to thrill and inspire great works of art as well as warm stirings in the nether regions of Byrons bohemian art-monkeys.

Accompanying Coppelia is the elegant and mischeivious Red Devotchkin ! With her long, sensuous limbs and baby-doll features, Red will delight artists and audience alike, inspiring thoughts of both an artistic and carnal nature in all those with eyes to see and blood in their veins.

Overseeing this night with a theme dear to her heart is the ever-gorgeous and always unpredictable Miss Mae Wilde. Mae will be dispensing wisdom on the correct mixing and drinking of cocktails to anyone who will listen, as well as awarding wonderful prizes to anyone she pleases !

The mayhem runs from 6.30pm to 9.30pm on Tuesday 21st August at the Byron Brewery ( formerly the Buddha Bar) Doors open at 6.00pm so get there early for a good seat.

Entry is $15 at the door, and its an Over-18s event. Everyone is welcome, drawing or not. If drawing , bring your own art-materials. Sorry, no photography during poses or performances.


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