Casey Arnaud, STILL

It is hard work in here (in this head of mine) of constant chatter, overthinking and
sensitivity to excessive stimuli. Resisting the instinctual urge of disconnection, can be
a tireless daily challenge.

My work is a means to resolve this overstimulation, a way to shut down the mind to
be present and in this time stillness arrives in the silence. It is my quiet, meditative
time to explore sensitive surfaces, playing with forms, loose rhythmic lines, muted
colours, marks and layers to capture a feeling. Embracing materiality, my work is
about nurturing the surface, textures & the physicality of paint layers whilst
exploring themes of vulnerability, memory and temporality.

This body of work STILL. explores the contrast of opposing states and the potency of
removing excess – motion, noise and clutter. Playing with spaces at capacity, slowly
subtracting the overload whilst highlighting the delicate relationships and
connections between forms and layers to evoke a sense of STILL.

BSA Project Space
112 Dalley Street, Mullumbimby
opening night Friday 3rd November 6-8pm
exhibition open 4th – 15th November
Tues – Sat 10-2pm (or by appointment 0431 034 892)