Cape Byron Lighthouse Museum and Tours – trial reopening

The Cape Byron Lighthouse is having a TRIAL REOPENING of the Lighthouse Museum Rooms and TOWER TOURS under strict National Parks COVID protocols.

Today over 25 returning Volunteers met with National Parks staff to discuss how we can begin to again welcome very small groups of visitors at a time using NSW Govt COVID check in, distancing and sanitising protocols.

We would greatly appreciate your understanding and assistance in following these protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and in realising that numbers allowed into the lighthouse at any one time and opening times will be extremely LIMITED.

The health and safety of our Volunteers and visitors is our paramount concern at all times and we are so thankful of our mainly retired Volunteers giving of their time and expertise.

Further information > Tweed Byron Area
North Coast Branch
NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
Tallow Beach Rd, Byron Bay NSW
T 02 6639 8300