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To keep the conversations going and your ideas flowing, the Byron Writers Festival is presenting a following program of inspiring events, public talks and workshops. Here’s a few to spark your interest. Learn more at

You’ve Got Words on the Page, Now What? A Group Workshopping Series with Chloe Higgins – Online workshop 7, 14, 21 & 28 October

What’s working, and what isn’t? What does the editing process look like, and how does workshopping (i.e. seeking feedback) from peers form part of this process?

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Showing and Telling with Emily Bitto – Online workshop 24 & 31 October

Have you ever heard the common imperative ‘show, don’t tell’ and wondered what it really meant? This two-part workshop will clarify the differences between showing and telling, and give you practical and effective ways to include more ‘showing’ in your work.

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Making History Brand New with Jock Serong – Online workshop 11 & 18 November

In this online workshop author Jock Serong provides an overview of planning, researching and writing good historical fiction. This workshop aims to provide a primer about some of the thornier issues that arise, as well as techniques to keep it lively and fun.

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