Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2-4 August 2013

Festival week has arrived and you’re clutching your passes, making final choices of feature events and we’ll see you on site very very soon! And if you still haven’t nabbed your tickets, LAST CHANCE! Several events have completely sold out and the rest are on the way, so get busy.


Things you need to know:
If arriving at the North Byron Events site by car, please allow plenty of time for parking. There is but one road into the Festival and while our wardens are super swift, they are mindful of safety, theirs and yours, and will appreciate a steady approach.

Bring your printed ticket with you! It will need to be scanned in order to exchange for a wristband, so arriving without the printout will cause delays at the Box Office. If you have received the emailed ticket on your smart phone, that’s terrific: display it on the screen and our scanners will do the rest. Printouts or displays are also required for all off-site and feature events.

Remember we will not be selling water in plastic bottles on site. Bring your own bottle, which can be refilled for $1 from our water stations. If you forget, there will be BBWF bottles on sale for $10.

Housekeeping notes: the marquees are large and there are plenty of seats, but some sessions will fill rapidly. Please be respectful of fellow patrons and our smiling volunteers by ensuring that you take any rubbish, coffee cups and belongings with you when you vacate your seat. Do not reserve seats by leaving clothing or bits and pieces on them. You will see that there are some seats saved for sponsors in each session. Please heed these reservations: our sponsors, like you, make our Festival possible and sustain us year to year. Part of their entitlement is to sit in their special chairs: help us to keep them loyal by observing volunteers’ directions and not crashing through the pink fluoro ribbons.

We are ecstatically happy that you have chosen to participate in our program of events and know that there will be memories that will carry you through to you next Festival. From our tiny team at the Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre comes the last instruction: have a wonderful Festival!

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