Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Patient numbers surge in 2023

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital had its busiest year in 2023 with a 70% increase in annual patient numbers. The final 3 months of 2023 consecutively broke records with over 1,000 wildlife patients treated. Most have been hit by car, experienced trauma or become orphaned. Sadly, many have been euthanised or died, but many more are in care with or have been released into the wild with a new chance of survival.

In parallel, the Australian Conservation Foundation reports that 144 animals, plants and ecological communities were added to the national list of threatened species in Australia, five times more than the yearly average and double the previous record year (2009).

It’s increasingly clear that Australian wildlife are facing crisis, and we continue to make the case for governments to contribute financially to professional veterinary care for the sick, injured and orphaned native animals that are their legal property.

In the meantime, you can help us keep doing this vital work with a tax-deductible donation, volunteering or forwarding this to your friends and colleagues to spread the word about the valuable work we do.