Byron Bay The Meeting Place

I got to see Byron Bay The Meeting Place at its premier and thought the guys did a great job showing the rich history (good & bad) and many of the present issues of Byron in a 40 minute doco that was beautifuly filmed. The press release is accurate when it says;

The film takes the viewer on a deeply personal journey into the history and life of Byron bay as its history gradually unfolds through inspiring stories from locals, hippies, surfers, travelers, indigenous folk and people from all walks of life.

Byron Bay The Meeting Place is the newest documentary from the locally based production Company Rest Your Eyes Production.

There will be two screenings of Byron Bay The Meeting Place on Wednesday the 30th November at Byron Bay Community Center at 7pm & 8.30pm – The night will be hosted by Tommy Franklin. There will be live music by the talented local based Garrett Kato and Canadian Vince Vaccaro who together make up for the rich soundtrack of the film.

To purchase tickets, please visit or call 02 6685 6807


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