Byron Bay Surf Festival 24-26 Oct 2014


The Byron Bay Surf Festival 2014 program continues to ramp up and grow ever more electrifying. With people from all around the world joining in on countless festivities this year, the festival is looking to be markedly attended. With almost double the amount of events it has certainly grown from last year and we simply can’t wait!

Pascale duct tape surfingFilm and music events will be reaching the stars each night at the Main Beach festival site, Community Centre and Beach Hotel venues; Australian film premieres ‘Beyond the Surface’ and the Californian ‘Expencive Porno Movie’, the Donovan Frankenreiter and Collective of Life Minded Musicians presented by Sanuk, Bonjah band, The Vanns and The Griswolds are just some of the over 20 live music gigs worth tuning into over the weekend.

The Saturday of the festival will host dozens of simultaneous events by the beachfront – from Coastalwatch seminar ‘The Art of Surf Forecasting’ to the many handycraft workshops like Nobuhito ‘Nobby’ Ohkawa’s wooden fin making, Grown Surfboards handplane making, tie died boardbag making, traditional wood splitting demo – from tree to board and dozens of surf board shapers exhibiting their latest and greatest creations. Shapers this year range from high-end performance designs by the likes of Gary McNeill and Geoblank to the old school and naturals like Joel Fitzgerald or Gato Heroi.

Humanus Courtney WebbConcepts, ideas and discussion of interest take form in Lauren Hill’s ‘Third World Girls, Social Justice and Surfing presentation with special international guests and free Loving Earth chocolate giveaways, Sam Gowing’s Surf Spa Food – food as medicine presentation, Fiona Duncan’s Ocean Fit Pilates session, Courtney Webb’s Humanus Habilitation surf injury prevention workshop, and Ananta morning yoga with Geoff Brooks. Australian Seabird Rescue will handle a release of Clayton the Green Sea Turtle at Main Beach, which is one of the many educational aspects of the festival, geared especially to the groms. Additionally, The SurfLit Lounge sponsored by the New Philosopher Magazine and Mary Ryan’s, hosts an entire day schedule of book launches, ideas and discussion panels. Some of these sessions will include an intimate interview with the renowned Carroll brothers, Bali book launch by Phil Jarratt, a chat with Duct Tape surfer Pascale Honore, panels on self publishing, editorial, photography, and local and international issues; some discussed by reps from positive brands Sanuk, Patagonia, Smile, Toms and Banks. Nested nearby Santos Organics, AllPress Coffee and Loving Earth will be providing some seriously delicious (and über healthy) edibles. The food element of the festival is looking to be extremely tantalizing.

BBSF Surf yoga

GoPro will be hosting added film and photographic events including the Surf Shorts Film comp, training sessions by GoPro tech Gurus Nigel Raynard and Willem Ungermann and Russell Ord and Joe night are also teaming up to deliver a workshop on the skills of big wave photography. If that doesn’t satisfy your thirst for fun, then down at Wategos beach the festival has planned a day in the sun with the Corona Party Wave cash grab alongside the annual and most loved swap meet besides a new concept of surfboard testing with shapers comments from the beach. It’s also the showground for the traditional Hawaiian surf canoe paddled to shore by Dave Rastovich and Tom Wegener. This is perhaps the most colorful and playful day of the whole festival.

Another few interesting quirks to keep a keen lookout for will be the Uppercut Deluxe ‘Zoom and Groom’ classic car show and haircut station and also in the realm of style, Golden Breed will be onsite with a historical board display and old board evaluation centre ready to size up those dusty, hidden gems in the closet!

Uppercue Deluxe 51 chevy huteDo keep your eyes glued to the stacking program online at There is so much to look forward to it is absolutely overwhelming. We hope you’ve packed your bags, roped your boards and ready to head to Australia’s most easterly point and favorite surf town. Sea you there very soon!

Stay informed and learn more of What’s On in and Around Byron Bay.