Byron Bay Long Weekender: luxurious Sydney to Byron Bay flight experience


Picture this…

The winter has stretched for months. It’s early October, Sydney’s barely maintained double digit temperatures, the cloud cover feels eternal, and you can’t recall the last t-shirt and shorts weekend. Not only that, but with the last long weekend having occurred over three months ago, you’re tired, overworked, and in need of some rest & relaxation.

Labour Day long weekend. Friday afternoon, you receive an SMS advising you that your driver is waiting downstairs. You shutdown, head down, and escape the city, picking up your spouse and children en route. Within thirty minutes you’re at Bankstown Airport’s charter terminal. As your driver opens your door, you’re greeted by an efficient concierge who arranges for your bags to be collected. You’re escorted through the secure reception to your shiny, new Cessna Citation Mustang, and prior to boarding, asked what you’d like for departure; Champagne, coffee, or wine?


Within fifteen minutes, you’ll be wheels up and cruising enroute to Ballina Byron Bay Airport, with temperatures in the mid twenties, clear skies, and warm water. Byron Bay is paradise. But getting there is part of the challenge. Using four hours of travel, stress, and disjointed moments between cars, planes, and terminals, is exhausting. Private jet travel is not only efficient, enjoyable, and seamless; but affordable as well.

JetShare by Airly delivers private jet charter experiences through an easy-to-use members-only app. For $2,195 per person, return, every step of the journey is covered.