Bangalow Show : 20 & 21 Nov 2009

‘Showing’ Support for Bangalow

With the Bangalow Show just around the corner Bush Branding & Marketing discovered that the show had no website and that their was not any current information on the show available on the internet.


To get Bangalow Show information on google Greg quickly wrote a blog with basic show information on their website. I worked a bit of social media and web 2.0 voodoo on this blogto boost its rankings, said Greg Cromwell. Within a day basic show information had made it to page two on this blog, but then Bleakley had a better idea. He noticed that or had not been registered and got the Green light to register and to host in for free with some extra capacity that Bush Marketing had on one its hosting plans. After many, many late nights and working on his own Andrew has developed a great platform for future shows using a combination of cutting edge technologies and some good Bleakley Geek know how.

Building community sites for Bangalow is not new to Bush Marketing. Over the past few years the company has designed, developed and maintained websites for Richard Allen ( Bangalow Billycart Derby ( and for the Bangalow Rugby Club ( and in development Bangalow Lions Club ( Cromwell added, these websites have all been developed on open source technology which enables the clubs and people to develop and maintain their sites for very low to no budget at all. If your club or organisations in Bangalow or surrounds that are interested in developing or starting a website we would be more then happy to point you in the right direction.

Be sure to visit for more information.


  1. There’s lots of community events in Bangalow every year, the “Bangalow Show” is a big one. Billy Cart Derby and the Mind Body Spirit Festival are also big events in the Bangalow calendar.

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