Back to basics – keep your distance and get tested

As NSW continues towards meeting the vaccination milestones set out in the NSW Government’s roadmap, rates in the Byron Shire are increasing.

Latest data from Healthy North Coast shows 80.4% of Byron Shire residents have had their first dose and 55.3% are fully vaccinated.

“There has been a very positive response to the vaccination hub that has been operating at the Byron Bay Surf Club for the last two weeks with an average of 200 vaccinations a day recorded,” Mayor Lyon said.

“With travel to regional area including the Byron Shire to be open from 1 November, our community is getting ready to adjust to life with COVID-19,” he said.

“I am grateful the NSW Government listened to our concerns about regional travel and has allowed us extra time so that people who want to get vaccinated have been able to.

“All indications are that this will be a busy summer for our Shire as people, locals and visitors, start to move freely around NSW.

“Buskers were allowed back on the streets this week (from 18 October) but there are crowd restrictions of a maximum of 50 people who must be able to show a vaccination certificate if asked.

“I know many businesses have their fingers crossed that December and January will be bumper months for them, making up for the impact of lockdowns, low visitor numbers and border closures.

“It’s impossible to predict what will happen but whatever the case, this is the time for people to look after each other, respect what the Public Health Orders are at the time and of course get tested if you’re not feeling well,” Mayor Lyon said.

“We are expecting some school leavers from other parts of NSW and Victoria to make the pilgrimage north and this will be followed by the summer holidays.

“There’s nothing we can do about COVID-19 other than acknowledge it, adjust as we need to and get on with it,” Mayor Lyon said.