Art taking shape in real time – Byron Bay Writers’ Festival Artist-in-residence


Byron Bay Writers’ Festival Artist in Residence Rhonda Ayliffe is undertaking an ambitious multi-faceted project that encompasses ephemeral installation, bookbinding, photography, conversation and real time mobile publishing of her work and words at the dedicated blog:

Festival Director Candida Baker says Ayliffe’s work is not limited to the festival site, as some surprised residents and visitors have already discovered. “On Monday morning Rhonda set up a ‘blink and you miss it’ installation at the Byron Bay lighthouse and has subsequently set up equally brief ephemeral book-based installations on local beaches and in town,” says Baker. “On Thursday Rhonda will be completing an ephemeral sculpture onsite with the assistance of local school children and during the festival, visitors will discover evolving ephemeral works around the site.”

Ayliffe is an internationally renowned book artist and has been a regular finalist in the local SCU book art award. “On festival days, visitors may notice her quietly hand-binding an amazing book structure,” says Baker. “As a part of her arts practice, Rhonda encourages conversation and interaction, so she’s keen to talk about the history and possible futures of the book with all visitors”

Ayliffe encourages everyone to come and visit her on site. “And if you miss anything, or want to experience the festival through the eyes of its artist in residence, then you can visit the blog,” says Ayliffe.

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