Alan Clements Uncensored ‘Spiritually Incorrect Relationship Incorrect The Great Reckoning’


In a night of spiritual-political satire and activist entertainment, Alan Clements ignites conscience by celebrating freedom of expression and the power of the human heart. A former director of Amnesty International called Clements “one of the most compelling voices of our times.” Critics have described Alan’s spoken word performances as “existentially cathartic,” “enthralling and hallucinogenic”, “a brilliant deconstruction of spiritual and cultural propaganda that addresses head-on the insanity of war, climate change and the commercialisation of consciousness.”

As a former Buddhist monk in dictatorship-ravaged-Burma and a journalist in areas of extreme conflict, including the former Yugoslavia, Clements riffs on issues of violence and nonviolence, compassion and greed, servitude and freedom, meditation and indoctrination, from his personal experience and a rare satirical humour, while giving audiences a captivating expression on how WE — the PEOPLE can safeguard ourselves from spiritual and political propaganda. And in so doing, relearn active citizenry by liberating our own minds from fear, apathy, and cynicism.

Alan has gone far beyond the spiritual in his show to include the topic everyone is yearning to understand – the longing for love, being unmet time and again, loss, grief, dishonesty, being misled, accountability, and the breathtaking epic beauty of true love and romance (even if it does not last because one or the other or both gets spooked and scapegoats the other) and how these human needs get shafted by spiritual propaganda so often found within meditation, yoga, and mindfulness circles or cults, depending on where the money flows.

What does it mean to be spiritually incorrect? Do you think all the great spiritual leaders probably would be deemed incorrect?

Alan Clements: “To me, spiritual incorrectness is not a dogma – a thing. It’s a way of being, free – a courageous act of conscience, a liberated personal choice of shameless authenticity. It’s also having the bravery to resist servitude, conformity, and collusion – and all manner of numbing down. Why contort ourselves into an image of Anything – God, Yoga, Oprah? Why subjugate our voice to sing in the choir of ism? Spiritual incorrectness is not a practice, it’s who we are when we own our flawed human wholeness. As for great spiritual leaders? Remember the Monty Python comedy, Life of Brian, when the crowd gathered and chanted to Jesus, “Speak to us. Show us the way, Messiah.” And Jesus responds, “You’ve got it all wrong. Don’t follow me. Don’t follow anyone.” And they chant back, “Tell us how. Show us the way.” And Jesus shouts back, “ No! Nobody can show you the way. You’ve got to work it out for yourselves.” A very spiritual moment, don’t you think? Jesus must have been Buddhist.”

“We need to release people (ourselves) from prison and slavery – to the dark magic of cultural indoctrination that compels you (us) to behave in ways that fortify “mindful self-slavery” and impassioned self-bondage even to the point of selling so-called spiritual or yogic or meditative trainings of enslavement that insidious serve muting you and others into a faceless characterless propaganda speaking mannequin of the Man – $, dogma, popularity, fame, fear, numbers of followers, hollow numb statistics of the mindfully walking dead.”
– Alan Clements Uncensored

According to Paul W. Morris, former managing editor of “Tricycle: The Buddhist Review,” Alan Clements’s shows are “a scorching comedic romp through the world of spiritual and political indoctrination and the commodification of mind states.


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“The most spiritually astute humorist in America today.” Maui News