All Ages – Family Fun at the Brunswick Picture House


This summer, the Brunswick Picture House is presenting four family friendly shows in January. For further details and full calendar of upcoming shows, please visit

Talking Dogs – Back by Popular Demand
Fri 3 – Sun 5 Jan @ 11am & second show Sat @1pm

Every kids dream come true! A Brunswick Picture House crowd favourite and BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. A comedy variety show with a real difference for kids aged 4-11. Where else can you see two talking dogs and one world class juggling human?

Erik is a magnificent metal robot dog with a huge personality, he loves showing off, doing stunts and was a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent. Alan is a soft, adorable muppet of a dog who likes hanging out, chatting with kids and singing his own special songs.

Joel Salom is the human behind the dogs. As the International Man of Circus, Joel has toured and performed in over 25 countries. However, since teaming up with Allen and Erik, for this crazy hybrid circus/dog show, he’s realised it doesn’t matter how mad your skills are, you’ll always be upstaged by a talking dog.

Space Cowboy – Metamorphous
Fri 10 – Sun 12 Jan @ 2pm
Duration: Approx. 60 minutes

Space Cowboy, the world’s wildest record breaker presents a new show action packed with thrilling stunts and mental marvels. Watch sparks fly as this daredevil takes centre stage and risks his life with a 500,000 volt Tesla Coil!

Inspired by the great thinkers of the past and present in the field of psychological persuasion and mind-reading, the Space Cowboy performs some of the most direct and precise thought reading demonstrations that can be found in the world today. Witness his curious antics as he draws pictures from people’s minds and twists spoons in their hands. You are invited to bring your own cutlery for the Space Cowboy to bend with no apparent physical force!

As the holder of over 50 Guinness World Records, the Space Cowboy is leading the frontier of extreme performance. Experience him Sword Swallowing, chainsaw juggling and more as he pushes the boundaries of possibility.

His bizarre demonstrations highlight the incredible power of the human mind and the physical body, and are so unusual that they have baffled doctors and scientists around the globe. Performing to sell-out crowds and making headlines around the globe, The Space Cowboy’s truly unforgettable “Mind Bending” show promises to do just that.

Imaginitis – Starring local Shorty Brown
Thurs 16 Jan @ 10.30am
Duration: Approx. 90 mins (45 min show then a “disco” of approx. 45 mins)

Magic, bubbles and extreme silliness… it’s time to let your imagination run wild!
The 45-minute show is about discovering and embracing imagination, where Shorty takes the children on a magical journey exploring their own imagination — pirates, fairies, unicorns!!!

Imaginitis is a colourful, extremely silly, funny, and highly interactive show, including magic, bubbles, comedy and extreme slapstick. It’s a colourful adventure created to entertain our youngest audience of 3–8 year olds.

Shorty Brown has a wonderful way of connecting with children, highly professional and a huge playful heart. After the show, stick around and continue the celebrations with music and balloons. Let’s party!!!!

About Shorty Brown: Shorty Brown has travelled all over the world entertaining all walks of life, small or tall. She is highly creative, extremely playful, loads of fun and consistently brings laughter to children’s faces all over the world. It’s Magic! It’s hilarious and extremely contagious… it’s Showtime!

Brunswick Picture House presents – Circus Bonanza
Sun 19 Jan @ 3pm
Duration: 1 hour

We’re back with a new circus show that no one — young or older — should miss!

From the team behind CHEEKY, our Picture House Circus Bonanza is what you get if you crossed family friendly cabaret with circus and then threw in a bit of comedy and a good dose of hijinks and surprise. When we roll the Circus Bonanza out, you can expect things you’ve never seen before from a crazy talented, hugely entertaining and eclectic crew of performers from around the corner and throughout Australia.

Tailored for the young and tailor-made for the young at heart, this show will razzle and dazzle its way into your hearts and tickle your funny bones.