A Property of the Clan

Come and enjoy a powerful Australian drama in a beautiful old theatre in Lismore and support our talented local actors and creatives.

It’s been a long road for live performance in our region and our talented cast of 20 (including 17 youths) are thrilled to be stepping back on to stage.

‘A Property of the Clan’ was written by Nick Enright in 1992. Set in regional NSW it is a tragic tale inspired by real events, and examines a culture of boys and girls lost in the gender war of Australian masculinity and the emotional effects that loss has on young people.

This stimulating and powerful piece suits teenagers through to adults and holds a mirror up to society and make us question our ways. The Rochdale theatre offers a real step back in time, it’s comfortable and intimate setting ensures a memorable theatre experience.

The Directors of Byron Casting bring a fantastic track record in directing and producing brilliant performances;

“The last couple of years have been incredibly tough for our youth, and then we had the floods. Witnessing our cast turn up to rehearsals and finding a positive outlet through doing what they love, is exactly what they deserve right now. I feel honoured to be facilitating this opportunity for such talented actors” Bobbie Field, Producer

A Property of the Clan
Rochdale Theatre Lismore
May 20-28
Info + tickets at byroncasting.com.au