4th Byron Spirit Festival awakens Mullumbimby April 15 – 17, 2016


Some festivals are designed to get you out of it. At Byron Spirit Festival we get you into it! The program is created to get you into your heart, your consciousness, your body, your mind and your immediate and broader community. It’s a big task. With our first state grant received, and the success of the inaugural Hampton Spirit Festival in New York last year, we’re excitedly preparing an absolute feast of depth experiences for our anniversary.

Now in its fourth incarnation, this local and international event embraces Yoga, Music, Dance, Tantra, Healing, Indigenous insight, along with guided meditations, sound baths, gourmet organic food, and unforgettable celebrations so all can commune and awaken in the most connective means available.

Byron Spirit Festival, the mob that first brought you Nahko and Medicine for the People, is known for breaking new musical acts that connect to heart and spirit. This year’s exceptional line up includes Lulucruza from Colombia/Argentina, Elijah Ray (USA), the inimitable Srikalogy (USA), the Kirtaniyas (USA), the return of world songstress Peia (USA), Vijay Krsna, Wild Marmalade and more.

The Yoga stream features new and returning master teachers such as Louisa Sear, Dena Kingsberg, Daniel Aaron (Bali), Beth Borowsky, Clive Sheridan, Delamay Devi et al. Different genres are well represented, and all levels of practitioners are welcome.

Our indigenous cultural component will be lead by Eshua Bolton, Uncle Magpie and Jarmbi Githabul so that all festival attendees will be tuned in to this land we walk upon.

The worldwide boom in conscious Dance is reflected in the international line up of dance leaders this year. No experience or particular level of fitness is required to experience the bliss of full body expression.

Tigress Yoga, Somatic Sex Education and other cutting edge practices make up our popular Tantra stream featuring experts from Australia and beyond.

Ly de Angeles will finally debut at Byron Spirit Festival as one of The Healing Arts instructors. She’ll be joined by an array of talents in their fields initiate participants into ancient and modern modalities that heal body, mind and spirit.

Tickets are selling swiftly, and are available on line now. Visit spiritfestival.com.au