3 Occasions Where It’s Acceptable to Spend Money On Yourself

We often hear about the importance of saving money, and for good reason. It allows
you to set yourself up for the future, plan for contingencies, and work towards long-term
goals. There are also plenty of ways you can go about saving money. For instance,
saving money is one of the main benefits of refinancing your home, creating a strict
budget, or buying your possessions second-hand.

However, spending money is often discussed much less. After all, you don’t earn your
money solely to save it. Spending money on things you need and experiences you
enjoy is an inevitable necessity. These things sustain us and make life worth living.
If you have a little extra cash saved up for a rainy day, here are three occasions where
it’s completely acceptable to spend money on yourself.

1. Holidays
Travelling can be one of the most enriching and enlightening ways to spend your
money. Not only do we all need a holiday every once in a while, but we deserve it! You

work so hard to provide for yourself and contribute to your long-term goals. You’re
entitled to spend a bit of money on a relaxing holiday.

Whether it’s spending winter in Byron Bay or summer in the Whitsundays, the
destination and set-up of your getaway is completely up to you. Rest assured that these
expenses – flights, accommodation, and meals – are completely worthwhile and well-

2. Live Event Experiences
Live events are completely unique. You’ll never be able to replicate the experience you
get when you attend one, which is one of the many reasons they’re well worth spending
your money on. Not only is each live event completely different, but every single one
can expose you to new perspectives, help you learn new things, and challenge your
worldview. Live events are also a wonderful way of meeting like-minded people who
share your passions. These chance meetings could blossom into lasting connections –
and you simply can’t put a price on that. In short, from music festivals to plays to athletic
competitions, live event experiences will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

3. Books
Books can help you achieve greater success in your future by helping you learn and
understand new things. There are books in every area of interest – from finance to
literature to history – which means that you have the opportunity to become educated
and well-versed in nearly any subject.

Best of all, you can gain all this incredible value for an extremely low cost (most new
books are $30 or less, whereas used books can cost as little as a few dollars!)

While saving your money is extremely important, it’s also vital to enjoy your money. At
the end of the day, saving every last cent of your earnings won’t make you happy. What
will make you happy is spending an appropriate amount of money on worthwhile
experiences. While travel, live events, and books are just three of the many things that
could fall onto this list, they will hopefully serve as an excellent starting point for you in
treating yourself to the little luxuries you deserve.