The 22nd annual Big Scrub Rainforest Day is an online event this year.


This free online event will focus on the recent bushfires in and around Nightcap National Park and their impact on our Gondwana and lowland subtropical rainforests in north east NSW.

Big Scrub Landcare invite the community to listen to experts who were involved in fighting the fires and assessing their impacts on the Nightcap discuss these critically important issues in two online panel discussions, facilitated by Kerry O’Brien and Mick O’Regan.

Big Scrub Rainforest Day
Hosted by Big Scrub Landcare Inc
Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM
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PANEL 1 will focus on:

  • What were the impacts of the major bushfire event of 2019/2020 on our rainforests and their threatened species in Nightcap National Park and nearby areas?
  • What lessons can we learn?

Panel members include Dr Robert Kooyman, Dave Kelly, Andy Baker and Matthew Wiseman.

PANEL 2 will focus on:

To minimise the impacts of future bushfires on our rainforests and threatened species in Nightcap National Park and nearby areas:

  • What strategies and on-ground actions should be pursued to reduce the impacts of future bushfires on our rainforests?
  • How should bushfire management be improved?

Panel members include Oliver Costello, Dr Robert Kooyman, Matthew Wiseman and David Milledge.


The panel discussions will be broadcast at 6 pm Sunday 20th September, they will be unavailable for viewing before this time. On registering you will receive the link to view the discussions at this time.

Full details about the panelists and facilitators can be viewed at

This is a free online event hosted by Big Scrub Landcare to mark the 22nd Annual Big Scrub Rainforest Day.

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